To simplify credit unions’ ability to integrate member investment information

Cuso Financial Services, a provider of investment and insurance solutions, has unveiled its credit union investment programs using its Financial Management Center (FMC) and web-based financial planning tool.

The programs are for educational workshops for which the company has made materials available online.

The company said that its investment programs integrate the consumer-facing, investment awareness program into their websites. Credit unions have made the FMC accessible from their investment center home page, such as Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

The visitors who engage the self-evaluation tool request investment advisor follow-up calls and appointments at double the rate of more traditional direct mail campaigns.

According to Cuso Financial Services, its investment program technology supports the company’s proprietary web-based data management system, datavision. In addition, the web-based financial planning program offered to advisors has an expansion of the product mix that advisors can sell and an increase in referrals from investors. Two new online marketing and educational tools have been added to support advisors.

The company has simplified credit unions’ ability to integrate member investment information into their online banking programs via single sign-on technology. Additional online financial investment tools, such as the FMC, web-based financial planning, Marketing Exchange and customizable workshops help educate members and for advisors.

Valorie Seyfert, CEO of CFS, said: “With so much change happening in the financial industry, investor clients have taken a flight to quality, foregoing tarnished brand names for credit union advisors who offer easily accessible education and planning tools.