To enhance service portfolio, provide information on claims status and key performance indicators

Crawford & Company, a US-based provider of claims management and related solutions to the risk management and insurance industry, has launched a new Command Centre intended to enhance service to clients. It provides information on claims status and key performance indicators.


The Crawford Command centre, which initially will be used by the company’s US Property & Casualty segment, is located in Crawford’s Atlanta headquarters. Its pivotal part is Performance Dashboard, a joint development of Crawford’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) department and US Property & Casualty.


The Performance Dashboard provides real-time data and analytics to track claims and identify claims handling trends and issues. The dashboard provides real-time view of all open inventory in CMS2, a claims management system, on a nationwide basis and by client, region and product line, said the company. It displays a graphical representation of claim data for six key performance indicators – acknowledgement, first contact, first report, first inspection, status and closing report.


The analysts of the Command centre would keep track of the dashboard and review data, identify trends and develop initiatives to improve services.