VUE Software has completed the implementation of Producer Compensation Management and Producer Portal for Core Benefits Insurance, a national insurance distributor with more than 300 agents selling insurance products for over 70 carriers.

This implementation allows Core Benefits to consolidate multiple data sources into one efficient and easy to access system. As a result, Core Benefits now has complete autonomy over its compensation management and can create and manage multiple hierarchies.

The company now has the ability to create incentive plans and streamline producer payments. Producers will have 24/7/365 access to their books of business, and demographic and commission information through the Producer Portal.

Steve Hatem, CEO of Core Benefits Group, said, "Given the large number of agents we have, and the many insurance carriers we represent, we needed a system to consolidate commission statements from all these carriers into one combined statement for our producers.

"It was a pleasure to work with Core Benefits Group and help them to realize their vision," said Eric Bustos, VP of Sales at VUE Software.