The TEAM-UP initiative allows TPI to download policy information to all of the agency management platforms across TPI's agency base

Connective Technologies, a provider of e-Commerce business solutions for the property and casualty insurance industry, has announced the contract signing of TEAM-UP Download with Tim Parkman (TPI) for providing service for agency download.

With TPI’s growing southern regional US presence, they have selected the TEAM-UP suite of products. TEAM-UP provides once-and-done processing in an industry compliant, data-secure environment for agency downloads.

Tim Parkman, president of TPI, said: We’re excited to take the next step in our ongoing commitment to providing premier service to our valued agent partners. The TEAM-UP initiative allows us to download our policy information to all of the major agency management platforms across our more than 1,000 agency base. Coupled with our unique sales and marketing strategies and our diversified product portfolio, TEAM-UP furthers our mission of providing ease of doing business with our agents.

Dic Marxen, CEO of Connective Technologies, said: TPI’s selection of our TEAM-UP solutions demonstrates the industry drive to lower costs and perpetuate real-time ease of doing business with insurance trading partners. We’re excited to have them on-board and to play a role in their growth and retention of agents across their southern operating states.