Interamerican has selected Clerity’s UniKix Mainframe Rehosting software and Veryant vCOBOL Enterprise to modernize its central insurance IT system.

The Greek insurer selected Clerity’s UniKix Batch Processing Environment (BPE) and Veryant’s vCOBOL software to move all legacy COBOL-based batch applications from IBM z/OS on the mainframe to Linux on IBM System z.

Interamerican is redeveloping its online IBM CICS workloads on the mainframe as Java Web-based applications, using UniKix to address batch/JCL requirements, and vCOBOL to support migrated COBOL programs in a similar way to the z/OS environment, until everything will be redeveloped in Java.

The company will be deploying UniKix BPE and vCOBOL on mainframe Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) processors in production, including more than two terabytes of sequential, VSAM and IBM DB2 data.

Interamerican CTO Nikos Katsaros said since the firm wanted to focus mostly on the redevelopment plans and the move to an open computing environment was for a platform that would help insurer achieve strategic goals with the least disruption of existing everyday processes.

The project is expected to begin by end-February 2012.