All Citibank credit card customers in Hungary aged 18 to 55 are eligible to apply for this product

Citibank in Hungary has launched a new insurance product that will provide individual and family cancer coverage to its credit card customers. Reportedly, it provides coverage consisting of a single payment, a monthly income substitute payment up to 12 months, and a single surgery payment in case of the diagnosis of either male or female-specific cancers, as well as a single payment in case of the occurrence of any other type of malignant tumor, as detailed in the insurance terms and conditions.

The bank has said that under the family plan, the spouse and children living in the same household with the card holder are all covered. The product is created by Citibank’s contracted partner, AIG Europe’ Hungarian branch office.

Batara Sianturi, citi country officer for Hungary, said: The product that we are launching now is part of Citibank’s Positive Care Plan that we have designed in cooperation with our partner specifically to our customers, and currently we are the only financial institution in Hungary offering such a product. We continue to enhance our insurance offering in light of our full scope customer care solution.