The Chartered Insurance Institute is to open an office in Mumbai, its first in India, to meet the growing demand for its professional development services for offshore customer services facilities in the region and the growing local market.

<p>The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) commented that it had appointed Sainesh Dar as its new head of business development for India. Mr Dar, who was previously employed as Hollard Insurance&#0039;s national sales head for its Amsure venture in India, will establish the new office, and will lead a team to provide CII support to offshore and local centers. <br /><br />Steve Jenkins, CII&#0039;s director of business development, commented that the new office would allow CII to cater for India&#0039;s growing desire to drive up professional standards and to encourage studying for qualifications. CII expects the new office to be operational within the next two months.<br /><br />Mr Jenkins said: The Indian market is expanding very rapidly with a growing number of global companies establishing a presence. The CII is keen to play its part in ensuring professional standards are central to this expansion and the setting up of our office is an example of our commitment to this.<br /><br />Lord Sheikh, the chairman and chief executive of insurance broker Camberford Law, commented on CII&#0039;s plans, saying: It is an important step and can only benefit the insurance industry in what is a growing and important part of the Indian economy. By helping increase and encourage educational standards, it is not just the insurance industry that will benefit but the end customer too.</p>