Designed for employers based in China, to be used for expatriate employees working in other countries and foreign employees working in China

CIGNA & CMC Life Insurance, a joint venture between CIGNA and China Merchants Group, has launched International Employee Healthcare Plan, its first health care product in China.

The health plan is designed for employers based in China seeking group health care coverage for members of their workforce, including expatriate employees working in other countries, foreign employees working in China, employees returning to China from assignment in other countries, and senior managers.

The product includes health and wellness management services and self-service tools to help individuals make better health management decisions, and is supported by a new service center in China that is linked to CIGNA’s existing health service centers and networks across the globe. Employees in China will be served from China while employees based elsewhere will be served in the region where they are assigned, ensuring that service is seamless for all customers.

David Cordani, president and COO and incoming CEO of CIGNA, said: “The launch of the health care product is the next phase in the evolution of the strong partnership between CIGNA and China Merchants Group through our joint venture. We are excited to support CIGNA & CMC in its entry into the health care market in China and we look forward to serving the health and wellness needs of China’s people.

“As the market evolves and China’s health reform initiatives become more concrete, CIGNA & CMC expects to be able to build on this initial product to serve the needs of a broader population, thereby supporting the goals of China’s health care reforms.”