Cigna has registered 35% growth in consolidate revenues for the second quarter of 2012, which stood at $7.5bn compared to $5.5bn during the same period a year ago.

The growth in revenues was backed by rise in premiums and fees of 52% in Health Care, 22% in International and 4% in Disability and Life, attributed by contributions from the HealthSpring acquisition in the first quarter and continued growth in our targeted customer segments, said the underwriter.

For the latest quarter period ended on 30 June 2012, Cigna’s adjusted income from operations was $444m, or $1.52 per share against $418m, or $1.53 per share during the corresponding period earlier year.

Cigna reported shareholders’ net income of $380m, or $1.31 per share, for the current quarter period, versus $391m, or $1.43 per share during the comparable period last fiscal.

Cigna president and chief executive officer David Cordani said the second quarter 2012 results were driven by the firm’s continued focus on delivering a superior customer experience and partnering with health care professionals, while also continuing to make targeted strategic investments to position Cigna to deliver long-term value for our customers and shareholders.