ChiroFutures Risk Purchasing Group (RPG), a malpractice insurer, has added health plan billing error defense coverage to its Chiropractor's Malpractice Insurance Program.

The ChiroFutures program is designed to provide broad protection and defense coverage, which include emerging areas of liability for practitioners, such as Regulatory Board Defense, Medicare/Medicaid Billing Error Defense, Information Privacy Wrongful Acts, and Peer Review Committee Defense.

ChiroFutures co-founder Dr. Matthew McCoy said the newly added coverage will be made available to policyholders without additional charge.

”We know the special risks chiropractors face in their professional endeavours and we are able to offer insightful risk management advice and tools, as well as insurance products that meet a chiropractor’s specific needs," McCoy added,

The program is underwritten by Admiral Professional Programs on behalf of Great Divide Insurance Company as well as Nautilus Insurance Company in Arizona, under administration of Sonoran National Insurance Group.