For data governance, risk and compliance

Trillium Software, a business of Harte-Hanks has announced that Chaucer Syndicates Limited of UK has decided to deploy the Trillium Software System.

The implementation will help Chaucer to ensure the quality of the data it uses to guide its syndicates towards maintaining a profitable, yet risk-balanced business book compliant with their approved underwriting capacities.

Philip Gregory, manager of business intelligence at Chaucer, said: Effective governance of our underwriting business requires reliable business intelligence, and this is dependent upon quality data. The Trillium Software System will automate our data quality process improving on and saving one hundred man-hours a month in manual cleansing work.

Additionally, Chaucer intends to use the Trillium Software System to facilitate collaboration on data quality amongst the various stakeholders in the organisation. The insurer seeks to build a sense of joint ownership and responsibility across the Information Systems (IS) department, business intelligence and analysis teams, risk analysts, syndicate underwriters and their staff.