UK healthcare provider Bupa Individual Protection has announced changes to its critical illness plans, effective as of April 25, 2007.

<p>The amendments conform to the new Association of British Insurers (ABI) statement of practice minimum standard for critical illness products, in addition to other plan enhancements. <br /><br />The modifications now mean that the critical illness policies cover 37 conditions with 14 additional conditions above the ABI minimum standard; customers will receive a family income benefit version of life insurance with critical illness cover; enhanced guaranteed insurability options and child cover benefit of 25% up to GBP25,000.<br /><br />Steve Casey, product and marketing manager at Bupa Individual Protection, commented: We are pleased to offer enhanced coverage to our members. We are especially pleased by the introduction of a family income benefit style and the reductions we are able to offer members when we have to exclude a certain condition. These developments open the door to consumers who previously thought that critical illness was unavailable to them.</p>