UK communications giant BT has introduced two new services; one offering BT Broadband customers advice on preventing, detecting and resolving identity theft, and the other offering insurance coverage for victims of online identity fraud.

The company claims its BT Identity Support service offers advice on how to reduce the chances of becoming a victim when online or offline.

BT Identity Protection is described as a comprehensive online insurance and advice package costing from GBP44.99 and covering an individual for up to GBP50,000 of the cost of restoring their identity. BT says the service also provides credit monitoring so customers can be alerted if someone is trying to steal their identity.

Gavin Patterson, group MD, said, Identity theft has become a very real threat to all internet users. One in four people in the UK has been a victim of it or knows someone who has, and our research shows it’s currently costing the UK GBP 1.7 billion each year. It is increasingly important that customers are aware of the online security threats they may face and use the tools they are provided with to ensure they continue to have an enjoyable and safe internet experience.

The company pointed out that the new services expand on the range of security features BT Broadband packages already include, such as BT Yahoo! mail protection with anti-phishing designed to help protect against online fraud and ID theft.