New health insurance startup Bright Health announced its first market and care provider partnership with Colorado-based health system Centura Health.

The collaboration pairs the pioneering leadership of Centura Health with Bright Health’s innovative health insurance solution to bring a new option to Colorado consumers.

"Bright Health is differentiated by developing a single, exclusive partnership in each market with a leading health system," said Bob Sheehy, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Bright Health.

"We explored a number of markets and health systems around the United States and, ultimately, chose Centura Health as our ideal first Care Partner. Centura Health has an incredible reputation for offering high-quality care, making healthcare more accessible, and promoting lifelong health – all core values shared by both of our organizations."

The health insurance landscape has dramatically changed following the Affordable Care Act (ACA), challenging insurance companies to better cater to the demands of today’s consumer.

Bright Health offers a much-needed transformation of the individual insurance format, bringing affordable plans, a more integrated technology experience, and exclusive care provider partnerships that ultimately support stronger relationships between patients and doctors.

Both Bright Health and Centura Health strive to deliver a smarter, more connected healthcare experience, and prioritize efficient, high-quality care. This translates to more affordable healthcare solutions for Coloradans.

Through this partnership, Colorado Health Neighborhoods (CHN), Centura Health’s physician-led clinically integrated network, will be Bright Health’s exclusive provider of choice.
"We’re committed to finding better ways to serve our communities," said Gary Campbell, chief executive officer (CEO) of Centura Health.

"By partnering with Bright Health in their strategy to enter the individual insurance market in Colorado, we are working to deliver optimal health value with resources and services delivered through CHN that educate, engage and empower consumers to make smarter decisions about their health."

Bright’s application to be licensed, and all related healthcare filings, are currently under review by the Colorado Division of Insurance. Starting for the 2017 plan year, Bright Health intends to offer individual health insurance plans to Colorado residents via its website, broker partners, Connect for Health Colorado and through private health insurance exchanges.

Bright is working with Connect for Health Colorado to make sure their platform will be ready for the 2017 open enrollment period, which begins Nov. 1, 2016.

Until Open Enrollment begins, consumers can visit the Bright Health website to sign up for more information and receive updates.

Bright Health brings seasoned insurance experts with new ideas and solutions for effectively serving both patients and providers. Co-founders include Bob Sheehy, former CEO of UnitedHealthcare; Kyle Rolfing, co-founder and former CEO of Definity Health and RedBrick Health; and Tom Valdivia, MD, MS, former chief health consumer officer of Definity Health.