Bridges Ventures first invested in Insurance Dialogue in February 2005

Bridges Ventures has declared the sale of Insurance Dialogue (IDL), an insurance broker, to Equity Insurance Group, an insurance underwriter.

Bridges Ventures first invested in IDL in February 2005. It was a very early stage company, led by David Holden, who had built and managed similar businesses for both Saga and RIAS.

Over the four year term of their investment, Bridges Ventures has backed the company through developments including building a new call centre in Bournemouth which created a large number of jobs in the area. The range of products on offer has also expanded considerably, claims the company.

Philip Newborough of Bridges Ventures, said: “David Holden, the founder and CEO of IDL, has developed this business from a concept to a large and growing specialist insurance broker with a loyal customer base. We would like to wish him and the team the very best of luck as they move into an exciting new phase of growth with support from Equity Insurance Group.”

David Holden of IDL, said: “Bridges Ventures has supported us through our early growth and development stage. We are grateful for their assistance and now look forward to working closely with Equity Insurance.”