Blackhawk Network (Canada) has launched a new travel insurance product, called SmartAssure, to offer low-cost travel insurance coverage to Canadian consumers to meet needs such as emergency medical travel coverage while traveling abroad.

Issued by Jones DesLauriers Blevins Insurance Group, SmartAssure will be distributed in prepaid card form through grocery outlets of Canada Safeway.

Blackhawk Network Canada group vice president Steve Dekker said that many Canadians do not have access to a credit card and are therefore excluded from purchasing travel and other forms of everyday insurance online.

"We believe that SmartAssure travel insurance products address an unmet need in the market by giving Canadians access to competitively priced products available for purchase using cash, debit and credit at their local retailer," Dekker added.

SmartAssure can be purchased for four, eight or 15 days of single coverage by customers aged 54 or less for C$13, C$24 and C$49, respectively, while families can purchase it for four, eight or 15 days for C$28, C$45 and C$89, respectively.

SmartAssure will be made available at additional locations in 2014.