Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (BHSI) announced the creation of its Contractor's Broad Form Coverage, which is now available to contractors with BHSI’s primary General Liability practice policies.

In addition, BHSI is offering contractors its Business Crisis Event Cost Coverage endorsement with these enhancements, further strengthening a contractor’s ability to be responsive in a time of need while managing their risk.

"With these latest enhancements, we are taking our contractor focused capabilities to the next level, providing one-stop access to the most often requested coverage add-ons to support contractors managing a liability crisis," said Bill Sullivan, Vice President, Construction Casualty, BHSI.

BHSI’s new Contractor’s Broad Form coverage provides affirmative grants of coverage in key areas. For example, it expands the underlying occurrence-based policy by tailoring many of the terms and conditions that can impact coverage with respect to construction defects.

It also provides additional coverage for such things as fellow employees, additional named insureds, and terminated partnerships and joint ventures, while providing per-project aggregate limits and addressing some of the unique needs that can arise with respect to a construction wrap-up program.

Further, BHSI’s Business Crisis Event Cost Coverage extends BHSI’s contractor’s General Liability policy by providing up to $100,000 for certain business crisis event costs, such as immediate support to victims and their family members, including funeral expenses, psychological counseling, travel and temporary living costs.

Likewise, this coverage is available to hire a crisis management consulting firm to advise the policyholder in managing things such as adverse media coverage in the aftermath of a crisis event, such as a serious accident or fatality on a job site.

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