UK-based medical insurance firm Beazley has unveiled a new emergency evacuation insurance coverage, known as Beazley Flight, for its employees.

Beazley Flight is a new kind of insurance-based solution that provides clients specialist response services, rather than the full financial payout.

The coverage provides expert advisory and evacuation services under situations like a deteriorating political environment that puts a client’s employees at serious risk, a natural catastrophe, and a medical emergency.

Additionally, the coverage can be extended to kidnap and personal accident risks.

Beazley Flight will provide services of three experienced firms, including red24, Specialty Assist and Hazelwood Street.

To provide central management focus for the new product, Beazley has signed up with Aon WorldAware’s Crisis Operations Centre that will manage and coordinate all emergency evacuation incidents and responses.

Beazley terrorism and political violence insurance teams head Chris Parker said expatriate or visiting employees working for foreign firms are frequently the targets of violence motivated by political anger or economic resentment.

"In the face of such risks, as well as in situations of acute medical risk where local treatment facilities are inadequate, on the ground capabilities and expertise are essential," Parker added.

"Thanks to the front end service provided through Aon WorldAware Crisis Operations Centre, Beazley Flight is very easy to use."