BDI-Insurance, a Texas-based insurance and financial services agency, has signed a multi-year renewal agreement with EasyLink Services International for cloud-based fax solutions.

EasyLink said that BDI will continue to utilize its desktop messaging solution to send and receive critical fax communications, including insurance claims, confirmations, and benefits information.

The cloud-based solutions allows BDI agents to process information quickly, and ensure its clients privacy of incoming transmissions, as all faxes are received in electronic format.

BDI president and CEO Bruce Barnard said that EasyLink fax-on-demand speeds the entire claims process while keeping information secure and traceable with real-time delivery reports.

“Outsourcing our fax operations to EasyLink makes perfect business sense. Fax-as-a-service significantly reduces the time it would take to use standalone fax machines, and eliminates the cost and complexity required to manage fax servers,” Barnard said.