Independently owned UK insurance broker Autonet Insurance Group has reported having dramatically increased its sales after implementing call center software from Rostrvm Solutions.

The insurance broker reported that, within six weeks of implementing a Rostrvm outbound dialer, its productive time increased 10-fold. Previously, Autonet’s six outbound agents could dial around 500 customers in a day, whereas now just one person can handle >2500 calls in the same timeframe.

Prior to the implementation of the Rostrvm solution, customers would request insurance quotations via email. Autonet would then either respond via email or manually call the customer back. Due to this time-consuming manual process, it would often take up to a day to respond to the customer.

As there is a direct relationship between speed of response to a customer enquiry and successful sales, Autonet identified that a dialing solution would increase business efficiency and therefore sales.

In one particular campaign, Rostrvm has been set up to display high priority calls, as defined by Autonet. These calls are a response to customers that have used the Autonet website. Agents will be alerted to these calls and are given a target call-back time of 10 minutes. The agent usually calls the customer back on average between six to seven minutes.

The feedback from the management is that Rostrvm’s dialer is allowing us to grow at a fast pace even though we really still at the beginning of using it, commented Mark Hill, systems manager at Autonet. We can process data now in days rather than months, and instead of breaking even we’re now running a profitable business and Rostrvm has been a contributing factor to that success.

Autonet also said that, in just three months, its telesales team has increased the volume of quotations by 495%.