Alabama-based Associated Insurors has partnered Astonish Results to create a new online marketing campaign for enhancing the agency’s connection with the markets and to service its Alabama and Tennessee communities.

The new marketing strategy features an interactive Virtual Insurance Office and custom Virtual Insurance Agent that increases the consumer engagement and also provides more personal and educational experience.

The Astonish Results campaign will help the Associated Insurors both find and keep new, prospective customers, and will also allow growing its business.

Associated Insurors said it has created a new website to make the online insurance shopping experience much more educational and intuitive for individuals seeking very specific types of insurance coverage and services.

The new website allows the individuals seeking specific types of insurance coverage and services with more educational and intuitive insurance shopping experience.

The site entails clear product categories allowing the Alabama and Tennessee insurance shoppers to find their coverage and service, and also a more practical approach for enhancing their policy options.