Ashar Group announced at the AICPA Conference, a new web app to help determine fair market value of life insurance policies in the Financial Services and Life Settlements Industries -- the first of its kind.

Planners will now have a quick and easy app at their fingertips to use in client meetings. Ashar Group first unveiled this powerful tool at the 49th Annual Conference for the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning Orlando earlier this month.

Ashar’s proprietary Policy Value Quiz provides a simple yet effective analysis to assess the potential for any policy to be considered for a Life Settlement. The seven-question quiz was created to assist attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, and fiduciaries with a quick and convenient tool to identify clients who could benefit from a Life Settlement.

"With a decade of experience asking the right questions we can determine if a policy has potential" said Ashar Group CEO, Jon Mendelsohn, "and now that power is in the hands of the professionals who are on the front lines helping clients."

The Policy Value Quiz asks carefully constructed questions about the policy holder and their health, the policy type and status and financial elements of the policy that influence outcomes.

The Ashar life insurance valuation web app was designed on a web-based platform that allows for real-time updates without having to constantly download new versions.