As an integrated unit of Aon, Inpoint is expected to help carriers make improved decisions about market selection, premium growth, service enhancements and product development

Aon Corporation has launched Inpoint, an Aon company formed to help insurance carriers enhance their performance. Inpoint is expected to provide advisory and real-time information services to the insurance carrier market.

Gregory Case, president and chief executive officer of Aon Corporation, said: “Working with thousands of clients and insurance carriers in a dynamic and complex environment, Aon has a unique vantage point to understand trends and behaviors within insurance markets. This reality, coupled with an unparalleled ability to collect and analyse transaction data across tens of billions of dollars in premiums, will enable the Inpoint team of professionals help insurance executives gain an edge in today’s difficult environment.”

As an integrated unit of Aon, Inpoint utilises data and tools from multiple proprietary Aon sources, including Aon Global Risk Insight Platform, Paragon Solutions, Aon Analytics, Aon eSolutions, Aon Benfield, and Aon Global Risk Consulting. This access to global resources has already enabled Inpoint to deliver facts, insight and expertise, claims the company.