To help control the rising costs of Dialysis claims

AmWINS Group Benefits, a broker of group insurance programs and administrative services, has launched Dialysis Management Solutions (DMS) for self-funded employers to help save money and ease the stop-loss renewal process.

The program offers multiple techniques and re-pricing options to help control costs and meet employers’ difficult dialysis claim situations.

Health insurance providers have increased their charges for dialysis claims by over 65% over the last five years. Currently, there are over 27million people with Chronic Kidney Disease nationwide, with over half a million with End Stage Renal Disease requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive.

Dialysis Management Solutions utilises regional pricing data and a proprietary re-pricing methodology to adjust dialysis claims, reducing direct costs and, in turn allowing for more favourable stop-loss renewal terms.

Dialysis Management Solutions also gives self-funded employers more choices at stop-loss renewal time, whether it means reduced direct costs via lower premiums, or reduced soft costs via elimination or reduction of lasers.