American Lumber Underwriters has appointed Craig Glander as vice president of sales and Mark Woodhull as vice president of underwriting.

Craig Glander has more than 18 years of experience in the underwriting industry and will join the firm as vice president of sales.

Most recently, he was working with Woodus K Humphrey & Co as vice president of field executive services.

Member Insurance Group president and CEO, which is the parent organization of American Lumber Underwriters, said, "Craig’s superior knowledge of the forest products industry and his experience in building successful client relationships make him an excellent addition to our organization."

American Lumber Underwriters has also promoted Mark Woodhull to vice president of underwriting.

Woodhull has 25 years of insurance expertise and has been appointed as underwriting manager in the company in August 2010, and prior to this he was acting as regional underwriting manager for Federated Insurance.

"Mark has contributed greatly to American Lumber Underwriters since joining the company in 2010. We are proud to have him and pleased to have him step up to his new, expanded role," Reynolds said.