The Amacore Group, a provider of health-related membership benefit programs and insurance programs, has signed an advisory agreement with JH Darbie, which offers a range of brokerage, corporate financing and advisory services to small/microcap companies.

The one-year advisory agreement calls for JH Darbie to render various consulting and advisory services to Amacore focusing on having Amacore’s public market valuation reflect its growth and long-term growth potential.

Included in the range of services to be provided are: analysis of the global and domestic market opportunities, suggestions as to market positioning strategies, identify and perform the necessary due diligence on possible merger and acquisition candidates and other such activities.

Jay Shafer, president of Amacore, said: JH Darbie has an extensive network of both institutional investors and high net worth individuals that could find our investment opportunity to be very attractive. As we aggressively expand our marketing activities, both from a business and investor awareness perspective, we expect JH Darbie’s assistance and counsel will be a strong catalyst in attaining improved shareholder values.