Allianz Worldwide Care has introduced international health insurance plans for individuals and their families living in China.

Developed in collaboration with sister company Allianz China General Insurance, the healthcare plans are said to be designed specifically for expatriates and local nationals.

Initially, the plans will be available for individuals living in Shanghai, a largest population centre in the country.

Allianz China General Insurance CEO Michael Li said: "Our local knowledge and contacts together with Allianz Worldwide Care’s global healthcare expertise have enabled us to provide an outstanding solution to individuals looking for international health insurance.

"The importance of private health insurance and access to private local and international medical facilities is widely recognised, particularly given China’s overcrowded public hospital system."

Allianz will offer three Core Plans for expatriates and local nationals based in Shanghai, which will cover a wide range of in-patient and day-care treatments, in addition to other benefits such as medical evacuation, diagnostic tests and oncology treatment.

The Core Plan will be supplemented by optional plans, providing cover for out-patient, maternity, and health and wellbeing treatment.

Allianz noted that the two optional dental plans will offer cover for general dental treatment, dental surgery, and orthodontics.

The company also launched a wide range of corporate healthcare plans and the health insurance support centre in the Pudong District of Shanghai in 2012.