Alliant Insurance Services, a specialty insurance brokerage firm, has partnered with LEOSA-HR218 Self-Defense Protection to provide retired federal, state, and local law enforcement officers (LEOs) with an insurance policy that provides legal defense coverage and personal asset protection if they are involved in a justifiable self-defense shooting.

The policy, and the firm which created it, derive their names from the federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, HR218, which was enacted in 2004 to allow active and retired officers nationwide to carry a concealed weapon.

Terry Chodosh, the founder of LEOSA-HR218 Self-Defense Protection and a retired US secret service special agent with nearly 30 years of service is responsible in bringing the self-defense policy to market, said Alliant Insurance.

Realizing the potential for retired law enforcement officers to be financially ruined by the cost of defending themselves in self-defense shootings, Mr Chodosh approached Alliant about creating a policy that would provide these individuals with the legal defense coverage and personal asset protection they needed.

Alliant worked with insurance wholesaler AmWINS to create a policy that not only meets the needs of retired law enforcement officers, but also is affordable to them. Annual premiums for a policy begin at $250.

Mr Chodosh said: LEOSA-HR218 Self-Defense Protection was founded on the belief that a retired law enforcement officer who possesses a firearm in his or her home, or who carries a concealed weapon for protection, has a significant need for asset protection.

In this world of readily available personal information via the internet, it is frighteningly easy for a criminal to locate a retired law enforcement officer and his or her family for the purpose of retaliation.