Alfa Insurance, a US underwriter has teamed up with Kony Solutions, to launch the newest version of its Alfa2Go mobile application.

According to the insurer, the new application will facilitate users in paying their bills, filing claims and accessing policy information on their iPhone and Android smartphones.

Currently in the southern US, Alfa Life Insurance Corporation has more than $25bn in force, and Alfa’s property and casualty company serves more than 1 million policies.

Alfa Insurance vice president of corporate internet and e-business Walter Overby said customers can still take advantage of the personal service they expect from the firm, with the additional option of accessing important services anytime, anywhere from their smartphones.

"By moving to Kony’s platform, we are future-proofing our app and ensuring a quick and efficient process for supporting new features, new mobile channels, devices, and OS upgrades," Overby added.

The company said that MyAlfa registered customers can now access policy information or view their auto insurance identification cards through a secure connection on their handheld devices.

"The ability to view auto identification cards is especially valuable with the recent decision by the State of Alabama to accept digital images as proof of insurance," Overby concluded.