AIG Consultants, a member company of American International Group, has started a new unit which will provide consulting services that are designed to help clients assess and limit their exposure to terrorism risks and business continuity disruptions.

The Business Protection Division will provide customized risk assessments conducted by teams of specialized engineers, military-trained facility security/CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive) specialists and business recovery experts. The new division will also provide assessments that identify current and emerging threats to an organization.

Additionally, the new outfit will provide clients with access to expert geopolitical intelligence via the AIG Companies’ executive briefing book, a Web-based source of country-by-country risk reports and commentary on industry-specific terrorism risk exposures.

In a world where our economy has become the primary target of international terrorism, corporations of all sizes need a clear understanding of their terrorism exposure on a global basis, said Stephen Cook, president of AIG Consultants.

Furthermore, corporations need to implement security measures and risk management programs that are specifically designed to address their terrorism exposures.

The new Business Protection Division has been developed in tandem with AIG Corporate Security and AIG Global Business Continuity. The division’s scope of activities will also involve linking companies to Lexington Insurance Company’s Homeland Security Practice and the Homeland Protectorsm terrorism insurance portfolio.