To streamline front and back office business processes

AIG Edison Life Insurance in Japan has selected, an enterprise cloud computing company, for an enterprise-wide cloud computing implementation. By implementing Salesforce CRM and, the company intends to streamline its front and back office business processes and enhance the quality of its customer service.

The company plans to deploy’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to more than 5,000 users, who will have access to these applications through their iPhones. By managing and sharing prospect information, opportunities, optimized product plans and contracts in real-time, sales and customer service reps will be able to provide more attentive and timely customer care.

In addition, the company intends to build applications on’s platform to manage new contracts and insurance payments. It will also develop applications for furthering paperless and cashless business processes and transforming the company into environmentally friendly organization.

AIG Edison claims that by moving into the cloud it expects to reduce hardware, software and IT systems maintenance costs, and speed up delivery of IT services.

Tohru Futami, managing director and CIO at AIG Edison, said: AIG Edison is making its business management platform. Salesforce CRM will empower our sales people and customer service agents with real-time information. And, moving our operations to the cloud will make us more agile and responsive to customer needs, allowing us to deliver greater value across all our customer touch points.