Aetna, a health care benefit company, has appointed Joseph Zubretsky as new senior executive vice president and chief financial officer, and given the additional responsibility of leading its strategic diversification initiatives.

In addition, Margaret McCarthy chief information officer and leader of Aetna’s innovation, technology and service operations, is being promoted to executive vice president. The effective date for the two appointments is 29 November 2010.

Both Zubretsky and McCarthy will report to Mark Bertolini, currently Aetna’s president and head of business operations, who recently was appointed CEO, effective 29 November 2010.

Zubretsky joined Aetna in 2007. In addition to his new responsibilities, he will continue to lead the corporation’s financial activities, and Aetna’s strategic diversification initiatives.

McCarthy joined Aetna in 2003. In addition to her duties as chief information officer, she is responsible for clinical innovation, technology and service operations, as well as process and performance improvement, procurement and real estate services.