Health insurer Aetna has signed an agreement with Herae, a healthcare payment service provider, to provide electronic health care payment solutions.

Aetna will utilize Herae’s healthcare solution to make claim reconciliation, payments processing and deposits faster and more cost effective for doctors and hospitals that care for Aetna’s members in the US.

HERAE claims that its DirectERA replaces every aspect of paper-based processes with an inexpensive electronic version.

These solutions include Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), an electronic document detailing claims payments, as well as Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT), which are electronic payments of funds into a providers’ bank account.

DirectERA is an all-payer solution that is HIPAA-compliant and requires no software upgrades.

Aetna eSolutions head Chere Parton said using health information technology helps Aetna simplify payment and administrative tasks.
"This makes it easier for the medical community to do business with us and helps us improve the cost-efficiency of health care," Parton said.