US-based health insurer Aetna and Heartland Health has launched a new suite of Aetna Whole Health Midwest Community Health Solutions Plan.

The plan is targeted to businesses that want to invest in their employees’ health and encourage them to take a voluntary health assessment and undergo biometric screening.

The new Heartland/Aetna health plan will brings a more correlative health care experience, which is designed to improve the health outcomes of those engaged at a premium that is 5-12% lower than Aetna’s other products.

Heartland wellness and care management staff will also work with businesses to conduct onsite reviews of the results with employees and help them to manage and access their health care.

Heartland administrator Linda Bahrke said that through the ActiveHealth CareEngine, Heartland monitors the health care conditions of its Aetna members and alerts physicians when there are potential opportunities to improve patient care.

Currently, the new plan is available for fully insured group purchasers and will be expanded to include individual plans and self-insured plans in future.