To manage fixed income portfolio on behalf of occupational pension fund SNPF

Aegon Asset Management has bagged the mandate to manage a fixed income portfolio on behalf of Stichting Notarieel Pensioenfonds (SNPF). SNPF is the occupational pension fund for the notaries and junior notaries.

The mandate comprises two major parts. The first part is the active management of a E100m fixed income portfolio. Aegon will manage this portfolio using a core plus investment strategy that matches the risk/return requirements as set by SNPF. The core plus investment strategy effectively combines the efficiency of passive investments with the portable alpha of Aegon’s fixed income overlay fund.

The second part of the mandate concerns the active management of a fixed income overlay fund. The objective of the overlay is to provide additional return on top of the return of an existing loan portfolio of E140m with SNPF. The entire mandate is effective as of December 1, 2009.

Max Muntinga, director of SNPF: We have chosen Aegon Asset Management because of its expertise in fixed income with which they have achieved excellent investment performance. Aegon is an asset manager that understands the investment issues of pension funds, and provides effective and transparent solutions. The mandate that we awarded to Aegon matches perfectly with our requirements and adds the benefits of diversification to the existing investment strategies.