To include occurrence-based contractors pollution liability coverage

ACE USA, US-based retail operating division of the ACE Group, has expanded the capabilities of its products and services for its web-based underwriting facility, to include occurrence-based contractors pollution liability coverage.

The company claims that its new offering, Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage (CPL), is tailored to the needs and exposures faced by contractors, by offering a business-critical services to insure against loss when sudden or gradual pollution conditions are created through covered operations at a job site.

ACE USA said that this coverage is available to its commercial contracting clients in environmental and non-environmental classes of business, including general or trade contractors.

According to the company, the enhanced underwriting features of new eCPL website include optional coverage to address mold liability on a claims-made and reported basis with available limits offered up to $1m per claim for mold liability; designed for clients generating $50m or less in annual revenue; and an efficient platform for providing Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage.

Gerry Rojewksi, vice president of ACE Environmental Risk, said: “Today’s contractors need innovative risk management solutions and greater flexibility in building their insurance programs. This enhanced coverage accessed through our convenient online environmental platform offers brokers a greater variety of product offerings for their contracting clients.

“The addition of the occurrence-based option allows greater flexibility to meet varying insurance requirements, and greater uniformity in response to customers from ACE’s environmental risk professionals.”