ACE USA’s Medical Risk Division, in collaboration with RPS, has launched a new Podiatrist Professional Liability Coverage Endorsement programme which will help podiatrists’ to reduce and manage their increasing legal expenses to their participation in the Medicare or Medicaid programs.

ACE Medical Risk executive vice president Caroline Clouser said the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid guidelines and rules have had a tremendous impact on the compliance programs of Medicare and Medicaid healthcare providers, and have resulted in an increase in investigations and enforcement actions.

"Through our efforts with RPS Healthcare, we are able to address the gaps in most coverage forms by providing higher reimbursement limits to podiatrists for legal expenses incurred in responding to actions from agencies authorized to impose sanctions," Clouser said.

The new programme will raise their coverage limits from $30,000 to $50,000 per action, with a total yearly coverage of $50,000.

The new product will be underwritten by companies within the ACE Group and will be provided through RPS Healthcare.