ACE and Willis Re Analytics have introduced ACE Cat Web platform to assist companies evaluate their catastrophe exposures, as well as those of their suppliers and customers.

The ACE Cat Web Platform uses information on earthquake, storm and flood risk from RMS as well as client information to provide on-line visualisation of the relative exposures using a colour-coded global mapping feature that the client faces.

ACE International executive vice president Derek Talbott said the ACE Cat Web Platform enables the companies to assist clients by identifying more precisely the natural catastrophe exposures while working with suppliers and customers who may be exposed to the same risks

"By pinpointing accumulation hot spots, companies can better assess the strengths and weaknesses of their supply chains and ACE can more easily work with them to develop the right programmes to manage the risks." Talbott added.

The web-based platform will also enables businesses to better understand their catastrophe risk profile and accumulations in different locations.

The satellite imagery will be used by ACE’s engineering specialists to provide more detailed risk assessments of local risk.

Using data from the US Geological Survey, the platform can be used to view past and current global natural hazard activity such as earthquake, storm and flood events.