Has announced a 12% increase in work accident claims over the past 12 months

Accidents Direct, a UK-based claims management company, has declared an annual increase of 12% in work accident claims.

The results for the financial year 2008/09 reflected a rise in work related claims.

An increased public awareness through TV advertisements and radio broadcasts has been regarded as the vital factor behind the growth.

The reports claim that the total number of work enquiries split between the total enquiries in 2009 has increased from 473 to 629.

Rebecca Young, director of Accidents Directs, said: We have seen a massive increase in work related claims, due to a number of factors. Clients have become more privy to their rights when bringing a claim forward. Many people in the past may have been put off the idea of bringing a claim against their employer but were not in possession of the full facts so did not realize that every employer must have an insurance policy in place to cover such accidents and that it would not directly affect their company.