Access America, a travel insurance and assistance provider, has introduced Cancel Anytime, a new plan providing travel agents with a cash-back alternative for their cruise and tour clients who want the cancellation flexibility.

Access America’s Cancel Anytime offers 80% cash-back, for virtually any reason, anytime a policyholder cancels their cruise or tour for an unforeseen reason. On average, this plan will cost ten percent of the client’s total trip cost.

According to Access America, Cancel Anytime’s introduction will mark the most significant change to travel insurance since the events of September 11, 2001.

Cancel Anytime is underwritten by BCS Insurance Company and administered by World Access Service, a company of Mondial Assistance.

Mark Cipolletti, vice president for marketing communications at Access America, said: Cancel Anytime is the result of months of development that included consumer and travel agent research. The research revealed that consumers want cash back, not credits, and they even recommended the percentage of cash back that they thought was fair.