Accenture has signed a four-year contract extension with Germany-based health insurer Kaufmännische Krankenkasse (KKH) to provide information technology, training, application development, and maintenance services.

As part of the contract, Accenture will also help the insurer to implement and support the integration of its accounting and document management IT systems, project management and IT developer training.

Under the document management approach, Accenture has designed an interface to align with KKH’s existing in-house software and has helped enable data exchange between systems from a single platform.

The document management system will allow KKH’s employees to securely access information at multiple locations.

KKH IT organization head Ulrich Vollert said, "IT is vital for KKH to ensure that we use our policyholders’ premiums in an efficient way and, at the same time, offer them the best possible services."

Accenture health business Germany managing director Hans Aubauer said that the company is looking forward to help KKH in implementing a consistent, highly productive IT system.

"Using Accenture Health Administration Services, KKH will improve business productivity with effective services that will support the needs of policyholders and employees," Aubauer added.