The Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Citizens Advice consumer body have called for the UK government's Compensation Bill to mark the start of much wider reform of the country's personal injury compensation system.

The ABI’s own reform proposals for a simpler, faster, compensation process would dramatically speed up the payment of compensation for personal injury.

Justin Jacobs, the ABI’s head of liability insurance, said: The Compensation Bill should be the starting point for a root and branch reform of the compensation system. The current system is not working effectively. Genuine claimants are losing out as a result.

Our proposals for reform put genuine claimants first, through a faster, simpler compensation process, while ensuring that they obtain cost effective legal advice. The consensus for change is growing, and we are very pleased that Citizens Advice is joining us in the drive for reform.

Meanwhile, Teresa Perchard of Citizens Advice commented: The ABI’s reform proposals are a refreshing, welcome initiative. The current system is too slow, complex and costly. It undervalues the importance of rehabilitation. Everyone involved in the current system must recognize that reform is needed to ensure genuine claimants get the care and compensation they deserve more quickly. We hope this government will commit to finding a better system for injury victims.