To deliver simplified insurance quotes for consumers, a provider of online comparison service for insurance quotes, has added online videos and PowerPoint slideshows.

The company said that the slideshow presentations will help consumers understand about the types of insurance available and how to make an informed choice. The web site has been providing visitors with text articles on the insurance subjects.

In addition, the consumers can have an access to an insurance quotes finder which allows to find the competitive rates on insurance policies for cars, homes, health, disability, life and cancer. The website visitors can complete online questionnaires which are then posted over the website’s servers, and a database sends quotes to the person.

Furkat Kasimov of Itsol, said: It’s easier to understand information presented in multimedia format. Visual content such as pictures, graphics and video clips can actually ‘show’ the meaning of your message while text only ‘tells’.

We regularly update our insurance article archives with tips on how to save money on many types of insurance including auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, business insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance and a variety of other insurance topics.”