South African insurance giant Discovery has announced several new product enhancements and services its policyholders in the country will be able to use to monitor and assess their risk of developing complications when suffering from Covid-19.

The firm said it developed the enhancements after comparing emerging experience from other parts of the world along with its own data – both of which it believes highlight the importance of regular screening, appropriate testing and understanding and managing an individual’s health risk.

Discovery South Africa CEO Hylton Kallner said: “We have undertaken the analysis to create an accessible Covid-19 risk assessment tool, that will be released on the Discovery app and the website helping people to understand their risk for Covid-19, to know their health risks that increase the likelihood of hospitalisation, and access funding for testing and health monitoring for those at a high risk for complications.”

“Members will be able to complete the assessment over time and keep track of their history. When testing is recommended, the assessment tool guides them to an online doctor consultation in a network.”

According to Discovery, high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and body mass index are leading risk indicators of developing complications.

“We want to help members on all health plans to understand and manage these factors to mitigate the risk of complications from Covid-19,” added Kallner

“From June, any result from a Vitality Health Check that places someone at a high risk for complications will trigger a referral for advice through one online doctor or nurse consultation in the network, which the Scheme (Discovery Health Medical Scheme) will fund in full.”

Discovery South Africa lists more product enhancements here