British telematics policy provider insurethebox found an increase in instances of speeding on UK roads as fewer people are driving due to the lockdown.

The firm recorded a 24% jump in speeding propensity among its policyholders between February and March – an indication that the lockdown measures may have encouraged drivers to put their foot down with less cars around.

While the order to stay at home was made on 23 March, the government had been urging people to work from home if possible from 16 March.

The company also said it has been proactively reaching out to those breaking the speed limit to discourage the behaviour.

Insurethebox service manager Gary Stewart said: “While the majority of drivers have parked their vehicles and remain at home, we have seen an unfortunate trend.

“The clear roads seem to have resulted in a greater propensity to speed amongst those still needing to drive.

“We have, therefore, been reaching out to drivers we have seen break the speed limit with personal messages, asking them to join us in supporting the emergency services by not adding any extra strain to their jobs.”

Insurethebox used data from 120,000 drivers covered through its policies.