IBI Group's first Mexican toll management system - for the 150-km Guadalajara-Colima Toll Highway - officially started operations on July 1 for the central system and one of the main line toll plazas.

The toll road system has a central administration and customer service system connected to three mainline toll plazas and three ramp plazas, with a total of 46 lanes. Forty toll lanes provide cash, credit card, and Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) payment processing using transponders. The remaining six toll lanes are dedicated ETC lanes.

IBI Group is part of a consortium commissioned by the concessionaire of the highway to supply, install, maintain, and operate the ETC system for a state-of-the-art electronic toll system. IBI will be responsible for toll system maintenance and ETC operations to 2022.

"The new system supplies new technology and operational best practices that will ensure effective and efficient toll collection," said Rahul Mehra, IBI Group Project Manager. "Our solution introduces cutting-edge technology for the first time in Mexico, providing the client with a sound, efficient system and equipment for the long-term operation of the highway."

Software development for the toll management system was done in IBI’s Toronto office. Collaboration on system design and deployment involved staff in IBI Group offices in Toronto, Athens, Mexico City, and Guadalajara. Local operations are coordinated from the firm’s Mexico City office.

"This new system has set a standard of quality for toll systems in Mexico and is already being recognized by multiple concessionaires in the region for its advanced technology and modern features," said Bernardo Ortiz, IBI Group Mexico General Manager.