A campaign group formed to take legal action over business interruption disputes against insurance company Hiscox claims it has been contacted by the UK regulator.

Irish pastry chef and business owner Daniel C Duckett – a member of the Hiscox Action Group (HAG) whose dispute against the Bermuda-based insurer has been publicised – confirmed to NS Insurance the group has spoken to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Further talks have been arranged, which are expected to happen in the next few days.

HAG consists of more than 300 companies, each of which have had a claim rejected by Hiscox but want to challenge the decision in court.

On Friday (1 May), the FCA issued a statement saying it will seek a decision in the high court over a select number of disputed claims, but declined to comment when NS Insurance asked whether the HAG would be involved in the process.

“The FCA has been in touch, however we haven’t had an in-depth discussion yet,” said Duckett.

“We anticipate doing so within the next couple of days. I’m not sure what it will be prepared to divulge, but it’s very encouraging that it’s engaging in any capacity.”

The FCA has been contacted for comment.