Germany-based insurtech Getsafe has delayed its expansion into more European markets due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The insurtech had planned to venture into several markets on the continent following its success in its native country, but the situation caused by Covid-19 and the associated lockdown measures have forced it to reconsider.

Marketing itself as a digital-first insurer, the start-up currently offers home contents coverage in Germany and the UK, with several additional protection products sold in its home nation.

Speaking to NS Insurance, Getsafe CEO Christian Wiens said: “We wanted to be to go live in Austria around this time, but Austria has been a hotspot for the virus in some areas, so we postponed that for sure.

“We were looking at France also as the next country, but it will all be postponed until 2021.

“It was planned towards the end of the year, but I think this this virus and the whole situation, has delayed these processes at least a little bit.”

Wiens went on to say how Getsafe’s digital-first approach has actually given the firm a boost during the pandemic.

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