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ReadSoft Software for Claims Management – Automatic Document Sorting and Data Extraction

ReadSoft software automates the tedious work of sorting and indexing documents. You just need to gather all your incoming documents (electronic or on paper) and let our software do the rest.

Automatic classification and indexing means more efficient administration across the enterprise, leading to faster processing times and reducing costs.

ReadSoft software will:

  • Increase your efficiency by distributing documents correctly
  • Allow staff to concentrate on case handling instead of document sorting
  • Provide access to status reports and audit trails
  • Improve your control of the business-critical information flow
  • Support compliance with legislation such as SOX

ReadSoft software can be seen as a funnel for all your incoming business documents. No matter how they arrive (paper, fax, email, PDF etc), the documents are incorporated into a single flow.


How it works

By scanning incoming documents, a digital image is created. From this image ReadSoft’s software can read information. It looks through the document for information or layout that is unique to a specific type of document. This information makes the software able to determine whether it is an order form, a damage claim, a letter etc. The documents are automatically sorted, classified by category, distributed and presented to the person in charge of the matter immediately after arrival.

Then the software extracts key information from the document such as name, insurance number, organisation number, date, social security number etc. This makes the documents searchable in your document management system.