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Icon - Process Integrated Document Generation and Output Management



Automatically and interactively generated correspondence play an enormously important role in terms of an effective customer services strategy. DOPE/Dialog reduces the costs for design, programming, handling, printing as well as postal and forwarding charges. It reduces the time-to-market cycles and increases the quality of correspondence and the efficiency of processing.

Many companies still use a lot of different systems to generate functional business documents:

  • Legacy systems integrated in large centralised
  • Special solutions for mass printing
  • Isolated applications in separate fields
  • Large number of diverse, individual systems
  • Installed at working places (e.g. Office products)

The professional and well-proven solution: The DOPE suite – a comprehensive solution by icon Systemhaus GmbH designed for the entire process of document generating:

  • One consistent text processing system for the whole company
  • From the output’s creation in specialised application systems until its submission to high volume printing lines and post-processing systems
  • Tight and seamless integration into the existing application
  • A modern, intuitive and configurable user interface


Do you plan to standardise your correspondences and make it consistent? With DOPE/Editor you have a powerful WYSIWYG-editor which you can configure according to your own needs – which again will happen role-based. This way your administrators can design new templates with the flexibility needed, whereas a user is neither obliged to nor allowed to deal with the formatting of the document. You have invested a lot in your corporate design – with DOPE/Editor you can include it into the generating of your document.


Your documents need to comply with various requirements. With the help of DOPE a user for example may choose a letter from a given number of templates. If and where in the letter he is permitted to type in individual text has been defined by an administrator in advance. DOPE supports you when you generate automated correspondences based on your special application system, when you are using batch printing for a large number of documents and when you are creating documents via the internet. You are free to define the degree of automation yourself: you can create letters that are entirely individual as well as complex, rule-based documents with the help of appropriate process models.


The process of creating a document is not an island. Hence DOPE integrates smoothly into the IT-landscape already existing at your company. It provides interfaces for specialised application systems, databases, SAP, business process- and workflow-applications. If you do not only wish to print your documents, but also make them available as an email, you can rely on the functions for encrypting the document and sign it digitally. And because there is no way that you are done after writing a document, DOPE supports archiving systems and following tasks like enveloping and optimising postal charges. Naturally all of this works on current platforms from Windows to Linux and AIX to zOS.


A solid basis is essential for efficient document generation. Therefore by giving you DOPE/Admin, we hand over to you a tool that makes you control all items needed for the document generation. Additionally, DOPE is the application in charge when it comes to creating or administrating modules, variables or templates, graphics or fonts. DOPE/Admin supports you, if you plan to provide your objects and documents in several versions, just as it ensures a role-based administration of the users.

Contact Icon - Process Integrated Document Generation and Output Management

Icon - Process Integrated Document Generation and Output Management